BPR Recruitment
- Sydney.

Giving the Aussie's
a winning brand.


BPR is a forward thinking recruitment business based in Sydney, Australia. They got in touch with us to lift their outdated brand to help them stand out from the competition - we of course obliged.

The client was very specific about what they wanted – bright, cool, different. They were fed up of seeing the same old stock photography and corny straplines and wanted to appeal to a certain type of candidate. By using a more playful tone of voice and imagery that their auidience are not used to seeing we helped them bark up the right tree.



"Choosing one of the design routes you guys created for us was harder than choosing the name of my first child."

Trevor Brown, Managing Director, BPR

One of the foundations of any great brand is a strong logo. With BPR they wanted to keep it simple – and so did we. With the use of a strong typeface and an in your face colour palette we made choosing a logo harder than it was for the MD to choose a name for his child. His words not ours.