Promac Window Machinery.


Keeping it simple.

Promac is the UK market leader in the supply of machinery to not only the UPVc fabrication marketplace but substantial specialist operations that supply into the Industrial and Glass sectors. The Company has a turnkey operation creating factory layouts as well as supplying, installing and commissioning machinery.

Promac is a company with heritage with 40 years in the marketplace. We wanted to give them a brand which nodded back to this heritage by retaining elements of their original brand. At the same time we wanted to shake things up a little by doing away with the use of photography of machinery and use icons and graphics to give them a point of difference in the marketplace – and focusing more on the top quality products and services that they offer.


Brochure design to market products and services


Part of a full stationary suite


Part of a full stationary suite


Infographic style data sheets for each product

A full suite of adverts were created for use in industry press. Using strong colours, graphical elements and strong headlines enabled Promac’s brand to stand out and be recognised.