Saterman Connect.

New York, USA

Saterman Connect are a team of natural, instinctive collaborators with a deep-rooted passion for culture change. We helped them create a website which reflected their core values and communicated their message in a way that resonates with their customers.

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A new home for a unique mission.

Saterman Connect have a set of shared beliefs that allow them to work with all types of organizations across a wide range of industries to produce remarkable results. We were tasked with helping them showcase what they have to offer.


Creating core brand assets as a foundation.

Before the website project was started we were able to work closely with the Saterman team to create a visual identity that would serve as a foundation, not only to the website but to their brand as a whole.

This included a colour palette, iconography, photography style, fonts and a crafted tone of voice. All of these assets work together to create a strong brand identity.

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Embedding core beliefs into every element of every page.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging is embedded into Saterman’s processes, actions and behaviours. We were tasked in making sure that this was woven into the fabric of the website, both in image and in written form.


A unique showcase for a unique set of individuals.

The team at Saterman have personal and professional backgrounds that give them a unique perspective and the skill sets for guiding cultural transformation. By working with them to create a site which is a reflection of who they are as individuals we were able to deliver a website that works hard for them.


A Responsive Mobile Site.

We took a mobile-first approach for the site, covering the navigation, page templates and components, UX, user interface, gesture interactions, reactiveness and the speed of performance.

The team at Studio29 made us feel engaged and involved at every step of the process. Communication was second to none and they heard everything that we said. This resulted in a site we are super proud of and our clients love. 

Michael Saterman