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Studio29 Creative Digital Design. The name says it all really. Here you can get high impact design created for the digital world, whether that be in print, for the web or photographically.

We live in a world where first impressions count. Make sure yours counts with a strong identity, logo design and unique branding.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

For me, where it all started. Before the internet your corporate image was all in touchy feely printed form - and this is still a very important aspect of your company image.

From stationery and brochure design to full advertising campaigns, I deliver fresh, creative designs that get you noticed.

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A recent passion born from what I imagine to be my desire to create things and make them look good.

I wouldn't call myself a pro, but i'm a fast learner.

Brand Identity

Never judge a book by it's cover. Thats what my mum used to tell me. But in the world of brands she couldn't be more wrong. (sorry mum)

People make assumptions based on first impressions. Make your first impression count with a strong identity, logo design and unique branding.

Website Design

Website Design

The internet is now the first point of contact for most potential customers.

An effective website is essential to any successful business. Your site should demand attention by delivering content in a way that is eye catching and user friendly.

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HDR Photography

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. It is a way of combining a series of images and adjusting the geeky light values that are impossible with a normal shot. This achieves the same task in the final photo that the eye can accomplish whilst looking at the scene in real life. Many of my photo's are HDR. You can see them in the portfolio section.



This is where I post my newest photographs and projects.

It will also include my general observations that help me give substance to the things in my head that I wish to share with others, thus increasing the circle of happiness that keeps everything zen.

Fresh Juice, Fresh Logo!

New logo designed for JuiceLife Drinks based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The logo redesign is part of a complete update on the current visuals to keep their image fresh – like the Juice!



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    New website for Cheshire School of Photography

    This is a website created to sell photography courses in the Cheshire area. The site is fully mobile responsive and has the ability to book different types of photography courses using the paypal payment system. The website has a full content management system to allow additions and changes by the client themselves. It also uses parallax technology which gives a nice layered effect on images when scrolling down the page vertically!

    The site can be seen at www.cheshireschoolofphotography.co.uk



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      Mohawk Radio

      It’s always good to branch out into knew avenues of design to keep the creative juice fresh! Recently i’ve started working with an up and coming band Mohawk Radio. Check them out at www.mohawkradio.co.uk. I am currently working on artwork for their next exciting project… Better not say much more in case it’s a big secret and I get let go for ruining EVERYTHING. Anyway, watch this space for the new artwork very soon!



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        Logic & Imagination

        Having being involved in the world of Graphic Design and advertising for a very long time obviously means you know how important it is to market your own services to potential clients. The trouble is you spend so much time doing it for other people that you often neglect your own advertising and marketing. The above advert has been created for social media advertising and is part of a series of ads which will be used to promote my services and how amazing I am at them. Wow.



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          JuiceLife Poster!

          Poster done for an amazing new Juice Bar in Wilmslow. We’ve worked on a full range of branding for the bar and drinks bottles plus a website in development! Go to www.juicelife.co.uk for more info!



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            So by some form of miracle I spent a week in wales that was 100% sunny (apart from at night). This made it perfect for sunsets shots – of which I took many… This is the first of the bunch. The rest will appear in the portfolio soon.

            This is a HDR image from a single exposure as the multi exposure just wasn’t working for me.

            All of my images are now available as limited edition prints at various sizes on the following materials:

            – Canvas
            – Aluminium
            – High Quality Art Poster

            Contact me for more info.

            If you want to see all of my images as they are uploaded follow me on Flickr – www.flickr.com/steluckett



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              New logo for CKT Photography

              If you’ve done something silly like have a baby and you want someone talented to take pictures of it – drop baby photographer Charlene Thompson an email: charliedoo22@hotmail.com. This is a logo done as part of a design concept for Charlene including a set of gift vouchers, one of which can be seen in my portfolio.



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                Tart up your Twitter

                Instead of a plain old pattern or background image, why not tart up your Twitter page with a custom background? Take a look at Studio29’s Twitter page to see one in action (www.twitter.com/studio29digital), and get in touch if you would like help designing one. Lovely.



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                  Get some Juice Life in your life

                  A quick branding exercise done last week for Stuart Pilkington from Juice Life, a new body alkalizing juice product. Big launch yesterday – well done Stu! (and me).



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                    Girl Sells Candles, Vietnam

                    I saw this girl in the village of Hoi An, Vietnam while I was taking another picture. She sells candles to make a living for her family.



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                      Say hi - you know you want to

                      Thank you for looking at what Studio29 has to offer. Please feel free to get in touch any time to discuss your design requirements.

                      For updates and new additions to the website please follow @Studio29Digital on Twitter, or studio29design on Facebook. You can click the social media icons at the bottom of this website as well.


                      GET IN TOUCH


                      Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire

                      T: 07768 649569

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                      ABOUT ME

                      My name is Stephen and I am a graphic and website designer. I love photography, fitness and have an abnormal fetish for design.

                      I like anything Apple - except the fruit. I drink coffee - sometimes too much.

                      I work from home in my design studio, surrounded by shiny technology.


                      I've been working as graphic designer in the print and design industry for over 16 years and been working on websites since modems made that funny noise.

                      Although Studio29 is small it certainly doesn't lack in experience. I work alongside a select group of professionals to provide the results required by my clients in todays modern world of design and marketing.



                      Not so long ago I had the trip of a lifetime visiting Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Africa. (Yes I am lucky).

                      I seem to soak up design inspiration wherever I go. Seeing so many places and cultures has only added to the way I think about projects and broadened the scope of my creativity.

                      Plus I can now say hello in 6 languages. Clever.